1/24/20 - 1:00 p.m. (EST): Laboratory Testing to Identify Permanent PVD Coatings to Minimize Lubricant Use During Forging Webinar

In this Forging Foundation funded research, a laboratory ring friction test was used to evaluate the performance of a variety of new PVD coatings in conditions simulating those for industrial aluminum forging. Several coatings were shown to have excellent friction performance relative to uncoated tool steel dies and have potential to be used in the forging industry to reduce the or eliminate the use of lubricants.

A laboratory test that provides a quantitative measurement of the impact of a range of substrate conditions on the level of friction between a forged aluminum workpiece and an H13 steel forging die has been identified and validated. The test, called the ring Compression test, is easy to perform, and provides an excellent laboratory simulation of the metal deformation conditions present in commercial forging applications. A modified ring compression test apparatus has been designed and built that allows the examination of a range of substrate conditions on friction.

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