FIERF builds a pipeline of the best and brightest future employees of the forging industry!

FIERF builds our future workforce by promoting our industry, awarding scholarships, identifying and sharing employment opportunities and encouraging participation in forging research and projects.

We invite you to partner with FIERF to help develop our future workforce; for research projects that connect you with academia and provide practical knowledge for your company; and for unique networking opportunities.


The Foundation partners with universities and research partners to fund technology development, engage students in experiential learning and report results through Technical Reports and Conferences.

 Grant requests are to be submitted to the Foundation Office by February 15, 2023.


The Foundation works with secondary and university faculty to include forging content in curriculum, provide students with career information, and engage academia and industry in meaningful partnerships to attract students to careers in the forging supply chain. Scholarships:

  • Charles W. Finkl Scholarships are awarded to college sophomores and juniors majoring in metallurgical, materials, materials, chemical, computer, electrical or industrial engineering at an accredited four-year college or university.  Awards are $2000 in the junior year and an additional $2000 in the senior year if the student remains eligible.  Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above and be a citizen of the United States, Canada or Mexico. Clicking on this link will take applicants to the Scholarship America website where you will register and look for the Charles W. Finkl Scholarship information and application.
  • The Forging Industry Women's Scholarship - of up to $5000 are awarded to full-time graduate and undergraduate students attending a two- or four- year college or university in the fields of engineering, business or a comparable area of study.  Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above and be a citizen of the United States, Canada or Mexico. Clicking on this link will take applicants to the Scholarship America website where you will register and look for the Forging Industry Women’s Scholarship information and application.
  • The Al Underys Engineering, Metallurgical & Material Sciences Memorial Scholarship is a $2,500 scholarship available to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a degree in engineering.  Scholarship recipients will be matched with an FIA member company to complete an available internship opportunity. 

Contact the Foundation Office (216-862-6967 or [email protected]) if you’d like to know more about the scholarships or if you would like to make a financial contribution to encourage students to pursue careers in the forging industry.

Named Professorship at Colorado School of Mines (CSM): FIERF’s endowment to create the Center of Forging Excellence at CSM provides a coordinating source with technical universities and other FIERF-designated Magnet Schools to promote forging-related courses. Professor Kester Clarke holds the FIERF professorship at CSM

FIERF Magnet Schools: The Foundation established the Magnet School Program to increase awareness and knowledge of the forging industry among university engineering students. Magnet School Professors are a valuable resource for student engagement, internships, senior design and industry research.

Workforce Development Resources

The Foundation hosts Technology and Workforce Development Summits to develop meaningful relationships between industry, faculty and students for senior design/research projects and develop a talent pipeline through internships and interactions. Contact the Foundation Office for upcoming Summits.

Best Practices for engaging university students to become future employees.

Internships are a powerful tool in future workforce development.

Career Center - Posting a position on the Forging Career Center links industry to potential candidates through the Engineering and Science Career Network.

Users may post Internship postings at no cost.

Manufacturing Day Officially the first Friday in October of each year, Manufacturing Day is your opportunity to showcase your company as an employer of choice.

Engage with Educators and Students - specific steps and ideas

Building Your Future Workforce at Community Colleges

Presidents' Challenge:  Funds raised through the Presidents’ Challenge will be used provide scholarship funding to local community college tied to plant tours, appropriate classwork, internships/apprenticeships, and to hold Workforce Development Summits especially at Community Colleges to promote the industry, provide local training resources and connect industry with potential interns/new hires.  You have an opportunity to make a difference in workforce development for this industry!  Interested in joining the industry’s presidents and making a personal contribution of $1,500?  Please contact the Forging Foundation at [email protected] or download the pledge form here.

Tips and Timelines for a successful program