1/31/20 - 1:00 p.m. (EST): Metamorphic Manufacturing Webinar

Ohio State University and Colorado School of Mines faculty will discuss Metamorphic Manufacturing (MM) - an emerging concept of automated incremental thermomechanical deformation to shape a specific part and provide reproducibility, traceability, high productivity and manufacturing agility all with the excellent product performance achieved from forging processes.

The ultimate goal of MM is the agile production of high-quality metallic parts. In this context high-quality indicates high-strength, low-mass components that can be used in safety-critical applications, while agility refers to producing such parts in a timely and adaptable manner, with low initiation costs, and without hard dies, but small local shaping tools are used.  An important theme to note is that advances in a number of underlying technological areas (e.g., robotics, vision systems, computational methods, etc.) all point to the fact that the time is ripe for this new technology to emerge. Fulfillment of this vision could provide great strategic, economic and national security benefits for the United States.

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