Donor Spotlight: Finkl Steel

The Forging Industry Educational & Research Foundation (FIERF) would like to recognize one of our Platinum Anvil Society Donors, Finkl Steel.

Finkl Steel was founded in 1879 and has been a member of the Forging Industry Association since 1935. With locations in Chicago, Detroit, Houston, and Quebec, Finkl Steel has two melt shops, three forging facilities, and four production facilities. Finkl Steel processes over 200,000 tons of steel each year and is the leading supplier of custom open-die forgings, plastic mold steels, die casting tool steels, and forging die steels.

Finkl Steel has been a strong supporter of the Forging Foundation for many decades, donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to support programming for students who are interested in working in the forging industry.

In 2004, the Forging Foundation established a scholarship in memory of Charles W. Finkl, awarding full-time college junior and senior students who are studying chemical, computer, electrical, industrial, materials, mechanical, or metallurgical engineering a scholarship. Finkl Steel is also a contributor to the Forging Industry Women’s Scholarship Program, which funds scholarships for collegiate women interested in the forging industry, seeking degrees in engineering or business.

"Finkl Steel’s legacy has always been based upon innovation, technical expertise and education. Our founders always believed that the best suppliers are the ones who help educate the industry and their customers. This is why we founded the Finkl Forging Forum, and why we so strongly support the FIERF segment of the FIA. It’s very important to support our future, and donating to the FIERF organization allows us to support scholarships that we find extremely important and to continue to fund the growth and innovation of the forging industry." - Danielle Smith, Director of Marketing Administration & Inside Sales, Finkl Steel

Thank you, Finkl, for your generosity and continued support of the Forging Foundation throughout the years!

Consider a gift of support of your own. Contact Amanda Dureiko at [email protected] if you are interested in inspiring the next generation of forgers!