Donor Spotlight: Walker Forge

The Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation (FIERF) would like to recognize one of our Silver Anvil Supporters, Walker Forge.

Walker Forge is located in Milwaukee, WI and has been a valued member of the Forging Industry Association (FIA) since they were founded in 1950. Gordon Walker was the founder of Walker Forge and it is now under the third-generation leadership of Willard Walker Jr. With expertise in a variety of markets including energy, agriculture, transportation, railroad, construction, and industrial; Walker Forge has grown to provide one of the largest ranges of closed-die capabilities in the country.

Through the years, Walker Forge has been a vital part of the Forging Foundation. In the 1960s Gordon Walker and Charles H. Smith Jr. of SIFCO, started talking about the lack of attention given to forging technologies in our schools and wanted to make a change to bring more awareness around the forging industry. In 1961, Gordon and Charles established the Forging Industry Educational Research Foundation (FIERF) to create a better bond between the industry and the institutions of higher education. Today, we continue to invest in the future of forging and fund industry-relevant research to advance the science of forging and to engage students and professors.

“The Walker family has been instrumental in FIA having a foundation and have been generous donors of their time and dollars to FIERF for over 60 years. We are indebted to Bill and Will Walker for their generosity and leadership of both the FIA and FIERF, and for their father/grandfather for co-founding the foundation back in 1961 with Charles Smith of SIFCO.” Jim Warren, President & CEO of FIA.

Walker Forge has generously donated over $82,000 dollars and is a Silver Anvil Supporter, pledging to support the foundation with a $5,000 contribution each year for three or more years. The past three years, Walker Forge’s gift has supported the Forging Industry Women’s Scholarship, the Finkl Scholarship, and general support of the Foundation’s research and educational activities.

“Walker Forge has been a longtime supporter of FIERF and all its great programs – going all the way back to FIERF’s inception. We’re happy to support FIERF now and into the future.”- Will Walker, President & CEO of Walker Forge.

The Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation (FIERF) connects the educational community and the industry to develop the future workforce, promote forged products and research, and facilitate technology transfer. The Anvil Society is a way to recognize very important partners of the Foundation. Organizations, Foundations, and individuals who pledge support of $2,500 or more per year for a minimum of three years will be designated as Anvil Society members.

Thank you, Walker Forge, for your generosity and continued support of the Forging Foundation!

Consider a gift of support of your own. Contact Amanda Dureiko at [email protected] if you are interested in inspiring the next generation of forgers!