Forging with Freddy

The Forging Industry Association (FIA) and Forging Foundation (FIERF) have announced the publication of a series of children’s books about the forging industry. The first two books in the series are entitled “Forging with Freddy”  and “Forging with Freddy: Safety First.”

“Forging with Freddy” was published with the purpose of educating children on manufacturing, and more specifically, the forging process. 

The books were both illustrated by Kenny Kiernan, who has been working on children’s illustrations and characters for more than 20 years, including projects for mega-brands such as Hasbro, Mattel, Disney, Marvel, Funko, Spin Master, LEGO & Scholastic to small businesses, entrepreneurs, independent product developers and children's book self-publishers. His bright colors and unique character design make “Forging with Freddy” an eye-catching publication and exciting read for children.

Order a copy of Forging with Freddy or Forging with Freddy Safety First for your children, students or library.

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Forging Activities

Download and print free and fun forging worksheets and activities!

These worksheets, paired with the Forging with Freddy books and hands-on activities, are great resources for parents and teachers to promote STEM and Manufacturing education to the next generation.

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