Next Gen Committee

The FIA Next Gen Committee is comprised of individuals (approximate age 20-35) who are young business and manufacturing employees working in the forging industry. The Next Gen Committee will provide an opportunity to collaborate with peers, share experiences, and discuss the challenges facing the forging industry. 

Our mission is to increase awareness and attractiveness of the industry, as well as help to create the next wave of leadership. Committee members have the opportunity to enjoy plant tours, receive continuing education and training hours through the e-learning Forging University Platform, network, and attend meetings and events to stay up to date with ideas and issues from all over the industry.
Getting involved is a great way to meet young professionals in the field, explore career opportunities, find mentors, and get the skills and knowledge you need for advancement. This is also a great way to advance professional relationships and stay informed as a younger employee.
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  Interested in learning more about the
FIA Next Gen Committee?
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